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What do a Halloween Zebra, Sphinx Moth and a Llama have in common?

What do a Halloween Zebra, Spinx Moth and a Llama have in common? I guess that would be me, artist Kim Loberg. All three are pieces of artwork that I have finished and are currently available for purchase. A COA (Certificate of Authenticity) is included with each painting.

The first painting is ‘Picking Out Pumpkins.’

I have worked on this handsome fellow off and on for a year now. He’s finally making is world debut. The zebra in ‘Picking Out Pumpkins’ has purple stripes over an orange shadow stripe. He playfully looks over his shoulder while standing in a pile of pumpkins, pondering which pumpkin would make the perfect Halloween jack o lantern. This type of artwork is my own blend of my fantasy styled creatures combined with a healthy dose of detailed realism (of which I’m still trying to figure out a catch phrase to call it).

The acrylic zebra painting is 16″ x 12″ wrap around stretched canvas. No frame is needed as each side is painted as though the image continues indefinitely. (Please visit my blog to view more photos showing the back and sides). ‘Picking Out Pumpkins’ is sealed with a satin acrylic sealer and comes ready to hang and enjoy!

‘Picking Out Pumpkins’ can be found for sale in my Daily Paint Works Gallery:

Picking Out Pumpkins

Front view of ‘Picking Out Pumpkins’

Picking Out Pumpkins

Bottom view of ‘Picking Out Pumpkins’

Picking Out Pumpkins

Side view of ‘Picking Out Pumpkins’

Picking Out Pumpkins

Side view of ‘Picking Out Pumpkins’

Picking Out Pumpkins

Back view of ‘Picking Out Pumpkins.’ Shows eyes screws and wire, finished and ready to hang.

Next in line is an ACEO pastel painting current listed for sale on eBay.

Sphinx Moth

‘Sphinx Moth’ is a 2.5″ x 3.5 ACEO pastel painting

Sphinx hawk moths are among my favorite butterflies and moths. This guy was flitting about as I was chopping burdock and thistles so, naturally, I grabbed by camera to see if I could capture his wings in flight. I decided to leave the texture of the pastel paper in the background of the painting. It gives the realistic artwork a bit of an abstract quality.

He can be found in my eBay store:


And, lastly, ‘A Llama Named Piet’ is finally finished! The llama took several years to complete. It began life first as a sketch on a primed canvas and then was ‘clothed’ in two different under paintings. (I even blogged about the painting in November of 2014). Like always, I didn’t exactly know the direction Piet should take.

The llama’s neck is fashioned out of modeling paste to give is texture and depth. His background is in homage to Piet Mondrian, in a way. It is more simplistic so as not to detract from the llama’s organic shapes and details. The acrylic painting reminds me of the panel of a brightly colored comic strip.

A Llama Named Piet

Front view of ‘A Llama Named Piet’

A Llama Named Piet

Side view ‘A Llama Named Piet’

A Llama Named Piet

Front View of ‘A Llama Named Piet’ with a dark brown background.

A Llama Named Piet

Side view of ‘A Llama Named Piet’

Piet the Llama can be found for auction at my Daily Paint Works gallery here:

Well, that’s three pieces of artwork for today. I hope every is having a safe and happy holiday.

Happy Fourth of July America!!!  🙂